Apping it in

I'm not a tech junkie.
I'll keep saying that until you guys stop laughing.

isn't this the woman who tweeted during labor?

Not the point.

I've been known to run a lot off my phone.  Presentations, conference calls, databases, sign in sheets, talking points, text messages, follow car chases. 

And then, the rest of you caught up with me.

My work life is very much managed on a device.  And, so is much of my house.  Leaving me to spend my energy with my husband, daughter, and all the other people who make us whole.  How's it done?  What's the secret? Most of it has to do with these Apps and Devices (in Alpha order, because I'm having an extra moment). 

  • Alexa: I've backed in the whole school morning routine, and tossed in a Saturday AM (at 9:30) reminder to Iolani to clean out her bathroom of dirty clothes.  There are reminders at 6a to wake up, 6:30 that it's 6:30, and 7A reminder to turn off the lights, grab your Metro pass and get out the door. I have a 8:45P reminder to finish clearing off the counter.  This is in addition to the drop-in feature, or to let everyone know that food's ready.  Or, my start playing bouncy music when everyone's overslept.  
  • Calm: Ayda turned me on to the app.  Now, everyone's meditating.  Iolani showed me the Unicorn meditation, and I haven't looked back.  You look now
  • Echos, Echos, and more Echos. Are they listening to everything, yes.  Do they have to? No.  
  • GoHenry: I'm not walking around with paper cash or metal coins. 
  • Heal: Because when Alex or Iolani get sick, I do not want to take them to office where even MORE sick people are.  I like the housecalls. Consider for the older parents, as they now take Medicare.
  • HopSkipDrive Uber for kids.  Which, you can use your Flexible Spending (FSA) for childcare to get your kids from school to home, band practice, or to the friend who lives too far away from a Metro stop.
  • Lifx: For when you leave the lights on, or your husband's cat is afraid of the dark, or you just like purple lights.
  • LinkedIn Learning is for folks who heard "Life Long Learning" all their life, and they just feel compelled to learn something new every day.
  • Litter Robot: We have cats, because we don't want to follow our pet around picking up their poop.  Worth every penny.
  • Roomba: Ah ya.  The gateway drug to letting robots and apps take over your life.  LOL.  We started with a Roomba way back when we first moved in together.  Now, we have this one, and the one with the wet or dry mop.  This one is connected to the Alexa, and a routine.  So, when I say... "I'm leaving" the lights turn off, the TV turns off, and the roomba starts! AHH!!!  
  • Thermo is the thermometer that takes everyone's temperature while they are sleeping.  Sick child who finally went to sleep....yes...her temp is still 101.  But, the app reads the measurements, and it's down from 102, from an hour ago.  And, you can track your own temperature a few moments later, to see how far along in the virus you are.  (Or, track your husband who claims he isn't sick, but he's at 100, even....while he's sleeping).  This talks to your health apps on your phone.
  • Blood Pressure cuff.  Because I'm still working on managing my blood pressure. It also talks to my health apps.  I'm trending down, for all those who worry.
  • UrbanSitter has helped me to find the best sitters. Josie (OMG, so awesome).
  • ZocDoc when it's time to get into the actual doctor's office.  Make the appointment, show up, and BAM.  
There's more.  But I'm hungry for breakfast.  I'd ask you what are your favorite family management apps.  However, I know you are just harvesting my info here.  So, I'll leave you to click.

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