Stuck on the couch...Here...apartment review.

I've got a foot surgery booked on the calendar, so I know that I'll be spending more time on the couch.  Maybe I can make up for 10 years of light blogging.

As you know, Alex and I have lived in DTLA since 2008.  We've lived in a couple of places, and we will be forever renters.  We've toured a TON of apartments - some we can afford, and more that we cannot.  Nevertheless, we know apartments, amenities, and assholes.  LOL.  Not a lot of assholes, just Art the Ass.  #neverforget

With so many apartment buildings, check this's what I think...

We currently live at Wren, and there's a lot of things to like about this place.  The community amenities are on the 2nd floor, the rooftop is understated and totally practical.  The apartments feel very sturdy, and practical.  The business center is practical.  And, the Lease-Up team did a great job attracting people who actually want to be neighbors, and not just the quiet unknown people you share walls with.  There's regular events, hosted by management.  The building crew are invested in the building, don't know how, but they care.  Maintenance requests are handled promptly and correctly.  The restaurant on the ground floor just opened.

There are a couple of buildings that are opening up.  I'm not interested in moving, but I wanted to write something about these new places....

La Plaza Village: next to the Gold Line's Chinatown station...the 2B&B description includes "Barn Door"...say no more, I'm curious to see what that's all about.  Check out the pool layout.  Heads up...big pools lead to big parties.  You probably don't remember this article that (hopefully) gave property managers the heebie-geebies. Small pools are boring.  Nothing good comes of large open spaces in apartment buildings. 

Hey, look...while looking for the Heebie-Geebie article, I found this VRBO touting the pool at the rental property.

OliveDTLA is right across from Wren, and there's silly rivalry. The building looks like there's younger-ish residents, the two story apartments look like they have gatherings with interesting programming for lights.  I've seen the stairway doors opened to let in a group of friends.  That says the building is happily busy.  It's nice to have a healthy building rivalry...that means we are all watching each other. Their ground floor will soon have the doggie-day care.  The pool is not on the rooftop, and is a good size to avoid lalaPOOLooza, and is close to the Expo & Blue lines' Pico stop. For those who don't want to drive anymore, it's a no-car friendly neighborhood.

Another close to us property - Axis...there's one on 11th and 12th.  Because there's an Axis on 11th, and and an Axis on 12th - the website is confusing, and you cannot multitask when viewing the website.  Like all these properties, make a list, look at a map, and then make some appointments.  Getting to know property managers AND leasing agents will always be the way to go in DTLA.  Some of my most favorite people in DTLA have been leasing agents who we've followed from Santee Court to PE Lofts.  AND, property managers who started off as leasing agents and now run their own building.  Following lease-ups is really the secret sauce in DTLA.

Circa Hashtag: so pretty but no way can we afford this.  It's got everything you need - Metro bus and rail stops.  Across the street from LA Live, there's bike lanes. Ralphs and Smart and Final. There's restaurants.  I'm sure they'll have a fancy coffee machine in the lobby.  (All the lobbies should have fancy coffee machines in the lobbies when paying more than $2K/month.)

Grace on Spring uses an old AF photo to describe their location.  That's sad.  Another bummer, those with'll have to talk about what to do with the non-master that's the one with the balcony. But, given how they've lined up their website...they look to pack in a bunch of 30 somethings with dogs.   For reals, look at what I've become.

Okay, fine.  I'm stuck on the couch, and I'm grumpy.  Let me tell you about two places that I've watched and like.  Wakaba and 1000Grand are great options for two different reasons:

Wakaba is in Little Tokyo, and is P E R F E C T for foodies.  There's always going to be a new place nearby, and there's always going to be old standards.  Yes, the neighborhood is currently running down the checklist of how a neighborhood is gentrified.  Nevertheless, you don't need a car, there's transit, scooters, and bikes all over the place. Grand Park is nearby, there's a local library.  The Double Tree is there, stores, Little Tokyo has everything you need. Keep an eye on the floor plans, as one plan has the non-master balcony thing going on.  (On that front, Little Tokyo is home to most of the daycares and preschools in all of DTLA).

1000Grand, I've toured.  We tried to get in, and Wren took us first.  1000Grand has **THE** best rental property closest I've ever seen.  The lobby feels like a brand new Embassy Suite, and the community amenity layout creates a great atmosphere for your tribe's dinner (Small groups, not a 20+gathering).  And, the closet...if you organize your closet, look here first, and then compare this to the rest of your appointments. The balcony is off the living room, so the grownup can rest easy, knowing that your kid won't be able to access the balcony while playing in their room.  Silently.

Wrapping it up.  Another thing I really like about Wren...big huge windows.  Jackie Brown is all about watching the pigeons sitting on the roof next door.  In fact, I think it's driving her crazy that she can't reach out and swipe at one.