Welcome to DTLA. Let's talk about your car.

Right?  LOL.
Someone new to DTLA isn't going to read this. I don't know how many people read this blog in the first place, let along keep reading it.  Alex and I have been here for a while, but definitely not the longest - however...being that I'm a busy bee, nosy-neighbor type....it makes sense that at some point, I'd write this entry.

When Alex and I first moved to DTLA, we lived at 7th/Los Angeles at Santee Court. The move in was delayed a bunch of times because of rain.  Ley-Jit.  Rain. We moved in, and another winter of rain.  And, it was Bad.   Once it stopped raining, some of the apartments had fuzzy walls.  We were young and stupid.  We didn't realize it was mold.  Whatevs.  That year, Alex and I each had our own car. We were on first name basis with all our neighbors, because we were all new together.

K.  This wasn't the point of this post.  This was...the building that you are moving into ...it was a part of a big lift.  It took a whileProof....  And, you are here now, so welcome! 

And, you need to get rid of your car. 


You live in DTLA now, and I....as your busy bee, nosy-neighbor have a responsibility to tell you - turn in your car way before the lease is up.  You don't need it any more.  The neighborhood you've moved into...has 1) cars to share, 2) grocery stores all over the place, 3) restaurants all over the place, 4) you've lost all your friends from the westside or valley...and in order to make new friends, you have got to walk around your building, walk around your neighborhood and meet new people.

Having a car will prevent you from building your new neighbor relationships.

I don't want to be the person who just says "do this"....I'll provide you with a walking road map.

1) skim some SoPa history.  You need to know that you are not in The South Park, but rather the South Park neighborhood.

2) Meet the next door neighbors.  When we moved into our second DTLA building...I couldn't figure out how to work the HVAC.  Also, getting to know your neighbors, building a friendly relationship can help to determine what your lease renewal may look like. My example: Art the Ass. Man...that dude was an ass.

3) Your neighborhood has pre-existing conditions.  We are a "wee" short on public restrooms.  We've known if for a while, and there's been efforts to add toilets.  With the number of people coming in, additional public restrooms are needed.

4) You need a tap card. 

5) Read all the news and blogs.  Just google DTLA and start reading.  Do I miss some Eric Richardson and Ed Fuentes reporting on Blogdowntown.  This is pretty much all that's left.

5.1) Don't forget about the Facebook Groups (bonkers.) and twitter.

5.5) The Downtown News Restaurant Guide is something to keep a hard copy of. 

6) That each BID has "clean & safe" teams, and you can tell which neighborhood you are in by the color of the shirts warn.  You'll know you've adopted your neighborhood when you realize that calling the Purple Shirts leads to a faster response (or one at all) from LAPD. 

And, that DTLA has two LAPDs.  If you don't know...man...dang.  Back to #5 you go.

7) There's brunch on Saturday AND Sunday.  And, there's churches in DTLA.  There's also kids.  It's a thing.

8) If you are new to LA...you know that car chases are our "thing"

9) We have two neighborhood councils in DTLA.  There's actually more, but DTLA gets a little insular, and snotty about the DTLA boundaries. 

10) Off the wall things happen in DTLA.  Anime Convention.  Art shows.  Parades (ya dude...there's parades)  Protests, and gatherings of friends who have "one thing led to another" and there's an impromptu gathering of 56,876 bicyclists at 11p on a weeknight. Live in their joy.

All that to say, this blog post went way differently than expected.  Here I was all trying to scare you away from driving your car in DTLA, I hope I've casually convinced you just to turn in that car...and walk on the sidewalk.

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