Cats, 3 things, and my Eagle Creek bag.

I may have accidentally caused myself to have three different blog entries. One:  I’ve come to a realization that mean people are actually just like cats.  Two: There are three things one needs to be able to do, and if they can do those three things, they should never be without a job.  Three: I’ve lost my Eagle Creek guide bag. 

Number one: Mean people are like cats.  I love Scooter and Jackie Brown, but they have asshole tendencies.  Consider this: inanimate objects in their way are simply pushed off the shelf, without regard to the safety or others around them.  Cats will take a bird, mouse, baby duckling – some other animal –attempt to nearly kill it, and then just create a joyful moment for themselves –as they relish in the pain of another. Finally, cats will fart (silently) waft it about the room, and not care one bit about how you respond to it.  I’m on to you mean people.  I am arming myself with catnip.

Three things: I’ve got a gaggle of interns right now.  I’ve been trying to impress upon them the importance of three things:

>Check the printer before you start work, every morning.  And, top off the paper trays.  You can be that person who pays attention to this detail.  You can be the person who is known at the office who is the team player (because you are filling the paper tray even when you don’t have a computer connected to the printer).  Additionally – you can read all the left behind materials that some person (referenced above) was too careless and left behind. You are schooling yourself on the ins and outs of what people are up to. 

>Know how to send a meeting request to a person.  Six to ten times a week, I decline calendar items because I’m already booked.  Had the person simply known how to check my calendar for availability, we could have meet for 15 minutes today, rather than 15 minutes 8 working days from now.  Know how to send a calendar item, know how to check someone else’s calendar for availability, and get a conference room!  Master your messaging by controlling how the meeting comes together.

>Mail Merge. You say “Ginny, printing letters are so 2005”.  Yes, maybe.  However the fine art of mail merge still is needed.  Knowing how to link your address book to a piece of documentation is still needed.  Added bonus: you can do an email merge with add-ins for Gmail and Outlook.  Again, master the communication path, and you can free yourself to master the actual communication.

My Eagle Creek guide bag went missing on Tuesday. It was a busy day.  I started in my cube, and put the bag on. I went down to the 4th floor – getting the interns settled in for the day.  Had a quick meeting on the 5th floor, ran up to the 19th floor, and back down to the 4th floor.  Then, realized that I had a meeting on the 25th floor.  I’m starting to think I may have left my bag in the East LA room, on the 25th floor.  But then…maybe not.
After the 25th floor, got in the elevator, down to 15.  Ran in to Yvette and traveled with her back to 25.  Then, back to 15th, then 13th floor.  I know I had my bag at lunch. As I remember keeping my work ID and cell phone in the bag.  Plush, I showed Alex that I was carrying the bag again. I got back to the building, headed up to 13, back to 4, then to 13, then 14.  Rounded out my day – 14, 15, 25, 13, 19, 4, 13.  (Note to all: This is why my feet hurt all freaking day)

Then, I realized the next morning that my bag was missing.  In it: a power strip, phone charging cable, and 23 years of memories.  It’s gotta be in the building somewhere. I've been retracing all the conference rooms I've been in, looking around...but maybe I've just passed over it again.  As soon as I find it, I'll attach a Tile to it.


Metro (Los Angeles) said...

HAHA! So happy you found your bag! there's good stuff in there!

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