How it started.

1) I asked for this.  So, none of this is complaining.

We've been rolling out the CRM project. The whole effort started when my department started reviewing their current CRM to find out they were X#versions behind.  Through a couple of short conversations, we started the task to figure out what's next.  We did a long list of options, then a short list of options.  Then...the WHOLE Department was included in the effort.  I went from finding a CRM for 50 people, to finding something that would fit the needs of 200+ people.

The working group was formed.  At least one person from each of the business units.  (Imagine scheduling these meetings).

I'm a huge believer in small meetings that last no longer than 30 minutes.  The working group was easily over 15 people, and scheduled for 60 minutes.  #notmycomfortlevel.

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