The Sixth Time

Before Iolani, Alex and I moved on a very regular basis.  So regular, that we had unpacked boxes from one AND two previous moves.  Those who’ve followed us through the years know that we’ve been in the Fashion District (Santee Court), Historic Core “lite” (Pacific Electric), Historic Core “hard” (SB Manhattan, Financial District (Pegasus), Olvera/Historic Cultural (Mozaic), and now, South Park (Wren). For as much as this is one downtown, there are bunch of mini communities in each, and they each have a distinct personality. 

Will we ever make it to Chinatown, Bunker Hill, Little Tokyo, Arts District, City West? Eh, dunno.  This isn’t really the intent behind each of these moves.  Most of the time, these moves are out of necessity.  As renters, we are dependent on the economy’s breath.  Deep breath in, makes everything tight.  The incentives for moving or renewing are nil. Deep breath out, and you’ll see the silliness of three months free, gift cards, and 18-month leases.  Oh, how I long lease terms.

Here we are. I didn’t think we’d ever move to South Park.  There’s a perception that South Park is the wealthier part of town. I never considered it as an option.  When all the rents in DTLA are bonkers, South Park makes the list.  Until a week ago, I’d never walked around much, not familiar with the stores, food places, and all important liquor stores.

I’ve never lived in a neighborhood where the growth is so pronounced.  When you get off the Pico station, walk to the house – the buildings you pass by are like this: 2 story w/ Liquor store, 6 story new apartment building, 2 story w/ Liquor store, 6 story new apartment building, 2 story w/ Liquor store, 6 story new apartment building.  I might have too many of something in there, but it’s either more liquor store who survived previous attempts to build out the are – or more apartments that are in various stages of their first lease-up.

The big difference for me – which I see as a celebration…trees!  The variety  of trees in South Park is amazingly refreshing. Then, you have the swales. Who doesn’t like a solid swale. 

I’ll get use to this. 

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