Poolside Blogging

We continued emptying boxes this weekend.  And, my favorite inlaws came all the way from Santa Monica to go to church, eat brunch, see our new place, and hang out on the Metro with us.  The weekend moved fast.  Yesterday there was a BBQ over at the long-time kinda-neighbors, but now we are in the same mini-neighborhood.  This was a very social weekend.  In the course of my recovering depression, it was a very full weekend, and I think I came out unscathed.  If anything, Alex and Iolani have a renewed taste for getting out of the house more.  Yikes.  They want to get out of the house more.  Okay.  Fine. We can get out of the house more.

At this moment (8:49p.m.) we are sitting poolside.  Alex and Iolani are on the large cabana couch, and I'm sitting next to them.  I told Alex I didn't want to sit on the cabana couch, as I was blogging.  Iolani replied..."Vlogging?".  No - Blogging.  "It's what people did before video blogging".

The important thing is that I'm sitting outside the house, after a really busy weekend of seeing people, being around people, and I'm just full of deep, unaffected sighs.  No, really.  I'm fine.  I'm just reminding myself to take a breath.  Breathe.

My goals this week (Outside of that million dollar project I'm working on) are focused on finding the power cord for the roomba.  The extra cord and stylus for the surface. And, getting Iolani's closet set up.  Inside work...this weekend was the end of a big sprint. This coming sprint is the end of the "Hurry up and get the email distribution system in place" sprint.  May and June are big H U G E months for the CRM.  And, for the first time, this past week - I felt like we-all are in the same book, reading at different speeds...looking to get onto the same page. 

So, back to explaining blogs to the kid....

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