Long Day

It was very odd NOT to be working the Gold Line opening today.  Almost everyone (with the exception of a couple people...more on that in a moment) from Metro worked the Gold Line opening today (they are likely still working it because the activities don't end until 4p). Here's my day:

6A: Woke up.  It's a nature thing.  I can't sleep in.  I try all the time, but 6A comes, and I'm ready to go.

6:05A: Jackie and Scooter realize that I'm awake.  They aggressively begin to wonder why I haven't fed them yet.

6:06A: Fine.  Out of bed, feed the cats.  Scurry back to bed and begin reading news and email.

8A: Iolani begins to stir. Twenty seconds later she's up, seeking breakfast and Saturday cartoons.

9A: Iolani begins meltdown over clothes, socks, and shoes.  Takes a breath and continues meltdown over shoes.  The issue: She doesn't want any of her shoes to get dirty.

10A: We are to be at the Spring Street Community Garden.  We are still at the house, arguing over shoes.  Ultimatum given: Get your shoes on, or I will put your shoes on you.

10:01A: Shoes on.  Uber on the way.

10:15A: Arrive SSCG.  Meet up with Cadettes and two other Brownies, and attached grown-ups.  The ground was leveled, there was dirty dancing, giggling.  But, we got hungry.

Noon: We walked down to Koraku for lunch.  We inhaled food.  Then, magically a co-worker from the Regional Connector team appears.  Fine...I texted her to let her know we were eating lunch.

1:15P: We rolled into the Little Tokyo Library to crash the TBM workshop that the Regional Connector team was hosting.  How much fun!  The girls get tired of me saying "Oh, a station here!  A station there!" It's nice for them to hear it from someone else.

2P: Depart library.  We are all going our separate ways. Iolani and I head off to the JPV, buy a Hello Kitty thing, and head off to the grocery store.  We need to make a fruit salad for church tomorrow.

Oh, and I bought a can of coffee.

>please hold while I get that can of coffee<

Ah.  Coffee.

We finished at the grocery store, hopped the shuttle from Little Tokyo back to Union Station.  I attempted small talk with a couple of older folks who were obviously on their way back to one of the new Gold Line stations.

4P: Back at the house. I bribe Iolani with a bottle of soda that I bought, in exchange for her putting away the 567,987 pairs of shoes she dragged out of her room earlier in the day. I succeed.  She's also conned me into making her toast.  She knows that I bought white bread at Japanese grocery store.  She's got a soft spot for this bread.

I've got a night of fruit cutting and prepping for Girl Scout Sunday.  It's been a long cookie season, we have a couple of cases left over, which I'm not stressing about.

Obviously, I'm not stressed about cookies.  I mean, I haven't posted a blog entry since last May.

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