Daisy to Brownie...

This week our little girl goes from Daisy to Brownie.  Eh, any girl going from 1st to 2nd grade can do that...that's true. But, we are talking about Iolani!  :-)

From the first time she put on that little blue uniform, I hoped that she would be as excited as I was to get back into Girl Scouts.  Aaaaaaaaaaaand - she wasn't.  We spent most of last year toughing it out through meetings.  She'd cry in the corner, so upset that she had to share her mom with A LOT (A LOT) of girls. Then, her friend Melissa joined and it was starting to click.

Of course, the weekend came when I went camping with the Brownies and Juniors and she couldn't go.  "Girl Scout Cheating" she said.

Iolani's getting older, and the change from blue to brown is an amazing thing. Iolani has LDS (Leader's Daughter Syndrome), and she is figuring out how to cope with it. I'm going to cry at the ceremony on Thursday.  No Doubt.

I'm gonna cry because all these girls are getting older, bigger, smarter, stronger....  And, being selfish for just a moment...I'm going to cry because had I not started 16155, I've never would have met all these parents, with all these kids, and have done all the awesome things we've done.  I'm so very proud of all the things every one of the girls has accomplished in the last three "Girl Scout" years.

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