Daisy to Brownie...

This week our little girl goes from Daisy to Brownie.  Eh, any girl going from 1st to 2nd grade can do that...that's true. But, we are talking about Iolani!  :-)

From the first time she put on that little blue uniform, I hoped that she would be as excited as I was to get back into Girl Scouts.  Aaaaaaaaaaaand - she wasn't.  We spent most of last year toughing it out through meetings.  She'd cry in the corner, so upset that she had to share her mom with A LOT (A LOT) of girls. Then, her friend Melissa joined and it was starting to click.

Of course, the weekend came when I went camping with the Brownies and Juniors and she couldn't go.  "Girl Scout Cheating" she said.

Iolani's getting older, and the change from blue to brown is an amazing thing. Iolani has LDS (Leader's Daughter Syndrome), and she is figuring out how to cope with it. I'm going to cry at the ceremony on Thursday.  No Doubt.

I'm gonna cry because all these girls are getting older, bigger, smarter, stronger....  And, being selfish for just a moment...I'm going to cry because had I not started 16155, I've never would have met all these parents, with all these kids, and have done all the awesome things we've done.  I'm so very proud of all the things every one of the girls has accomplished in the last three "Girl Scout" years.

Urban Hike Wrap Up

You know it was a long day if...as soon as we get home, Iolani makes a bee-line for her bed. I look up and she's fussing with her sheets.  The Girl is O. U. T. Out.

It started last year with me wanting the Juniors to take the Daisies on a hike. Not knowing if the Daisies were ready for a hike in the woods (or more like the Juniors ready for the woods), I opted to have them lead an "urban hike" from Pershing Square to Grand Park. The hike was a wild success, and I vowed to do it again. I set the date back in October, the Girl Scout Council ended up scheduling their big volunteer appreciation and property vote on top of it.  Can't win them all.

So, I started to talk it up, pulled together a map, and did the whole Facebook event thing. Crossposting on the DTLA and Girl Scout groups. I had about 15 RSVPs.

It happened today.

We had over 50 people (mostly the under 18 crowd) show up. It was perfect.  We met at Fig@7th, picked because there is parking, clean restrooms and a food court.  The Downtown Center BID provided us with beautiful maps, and it allowed me to show off where we were going, not going, and what to do if they got lost.  The girls were really taken with the maps, as it showed off the Fashion District, Toy District, Little Tokyo, and Chinatown. (For next year - maybe we can venture to the other parts of DTLA over a series of spring weekends!?!?)

We made our way to Pershing Square, Spring Street Park, and then to Gelateria Uli.

Yes. We took the whole group for Gelato! The girls were awesome. We may have set the bar for other large groups to visit Uli's shop.  Huge hat tip to Uli...we showed up about an hour before the usual opening time.  That woman has a heart of gold....

We ended up running late and missed out on the Grand Central Market (although I think a troop broke off and got the GCM food without us. >wink<)

Next stop!  Biddy Mason Park. By this point the girls were hot, tired, and ready for Grand Park.  But there's always time for a little big of Los Angeles history about an amazing African American Woman who is still a stellar example for what it means to use resources wisely and to help others.

Then came the scramble up 2nd Street to Disney Hall, with the amount of sidewalk available that's free of automobile traffic, the girls had a chance to race up (UP) the hill.  We met at the intersection of the Colburn School of Music, The Broad, and Disney Music Hall. What an amazing corner!

We went around the backside of Disney Hall, to arrive at Grand Park. The girls made wise use of the water fountain, had lunch down at the PicnicDTLA, and then began to peel off to go home.  We had troops who took the Metrolink'd in, traveled by Metro, car, and walked.  It was just so much fun, and I thank everyone...sincerely for making this happen.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it's true:

"How many girls does it take to start a Girl Scout Troop?"

Answer: none.  It takes three adults.  There are hundreds of girls waiting to join a Girl Scout Troop, but can't because the grown-ups won't step forward. Sure, it takes a couple of hours a month, but it can be incorporated into your day.  

20% Chance of rain

Weather broadcasters have the life.  I know I'm not the first one to say this.  

We woke up in our tent on Saturday morning to the start of rain.  I figured it would just be a quick morning sprinkle, enough to clean the tent. 

Nope, we had a full 24 hours of rain.  The tent is currently all mud.  Along with a tarp, rain fly, and footprint. 

And, I forgot the pots, pans, plates, and spoons. 

But...the tent never leaked, and we found paper plates and reusable forks and spoons.  My work water bottle (steel) was great for boiling water.  Saturday's dinner was salmon..grilled.  

The weekend was ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhesome!