1st Grade

Of course @MsIolani starts 1st grade tomorrow.  Every time I get a little "Time Hop" update, I'm reduced to quick little tears - and I can't say "where has the time gone".  I know where the time has gone.  I understand why there are weepy parents out there, but I also understand the joys of sending the kid back to school after a summer of juggling childcare, lunches, sunburns, and the savior Netflix.

"Mom, don't you wish you had my life?" she says to me.  And, while we were standing in Disneyland for the 10th time this year, I realized that I don't have her life, and I wouldn't want her life. 

Don't get me wrong, she has a wonderful life.  She gets to do a lot of fun things, she gets to see things that most kids don't get to see until they bounce the nest and head off to college.  

But the other side to this life is what I loathe.  She  knows that Mom or Dad will pick her up, but she doesn't know which one. She doesn't know if dinner will be at home tonight, or out because I might have an evening meeting. I might come home in a rush, hop on one last conference call, or answer a slew of emails before I can give her my full attention.

It isn't a pity party.  It is her life, it isn't mine.  And, I admire her greatly for living it. 

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