Thank You!

About a year ago I set out to form a Daisy troop for my daughter.  We hosted an information night and had a couple people turn out.  The second information night we hosted, we netted about 50 sign ups.  Our first meeting…we had nearly 60 girls - from Kindergarten to High School.  The troop split into a second troop, but Girl Scout Troop 16155 remains in Downtown.
We just finished our first season of cookie sales.  Our goal was just to sell cookies, and we really didn’t know how many boxes of cookies our neighbors would eat.  Cookie preorders totaled nearly FOUR THOUSAND boxes of cookies.  During boothing, you purchased nearly THREE THOUSAND boxes of cookies.  And, amazingly enough…some of you were told that we ran out of cookies.  And we did.  

So - my heartfelt “THANK YOU!!!” on behalf of myself, our troop goes out to all of you, especially Amanda Leon, Miguel Vargas, Patrice Hopper, Vivian Um, Rich Jesmer, Blair Besten, Ace Hotel, Escondite, Ralphs, to the many I forgot to call specific attention to, and to the parents of the Girl Scouts of Troop 16155.  

With everyone’s hard work and dedication to their sweet tooth, 21 girls (because the Daisies can’t camp yet) will have the opportunity to go camping in May…many for the first time. Further to that, many of the girls secured additional cookie awards that provide them with summer camp scholarships.  

Again, Thank You so very much for supporting Girl Scout Troop 16155. 


Ginny Brideau
Troop Leader

Girl Scout Troop 16155  

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