Ohhhh the disappointment

I had to be at the office at about 8:15 this morning, which meant that I would have to forgo my usual "breakfast club" book reading in Iolani's class. Historically, I sit with the kindergarteners of the class of 2026 (Isn't that weird) and read to them as they eat breakfast. I tend to get two pages into the story and I'm interrupted.  I rarely get to finish the book, and when I do...I'm met with a chorus of "read it again". 

I truly enjoy their mouth-full-of-cheerios-discussion.  They have mentioned the importance in washing hands, how slimy boogers are, and what their brother did last night that involved jumping off the kitchen table in hopes of securing chocolate chip cookies. Iolani will chime in with a story about Scooter, Jackie Brown, or something inappropriate she saw on YouTube.

I was upset that I wasn't able to read to the kids this morning.  Not so much for the relaxation that reading (or attempting to read) to the kids brings...while they are all swirling around, wrestling each other to the floor, and my constant signing "sit down" and "eat your food"...  But rather the look of extreme disappointment and judgment in Iolani's eyes.  Clearly, she enjoys the fact that it is Her mom reading and sitting through breakfast, in her world. 

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