Thank you very much Container Store Guy

Over the weekend Alex decided that we needed a new approach to managing our laundry.  We would need to go to The Container Store, specifically the one in Pasadena.  We headed to Pasadena at about fish, with Iolani opting not to take an afternoon nap.  So - she's tired.  She's cranky....  Not ideal for going outside the house.

At TCS, Alex is split between two floors.  Iolani is a hot mess wanting to touch e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g., driving me bonkers.  I mention to her that Afloat Sushi is right around the corner, and that if she can get a hold of herself, that maybe we could eat dinner out, rather than heading home to turkey pot pies.

And then, SUDDENLY - a well-meaning TCS employee shows her at $15 pair of joke glasses. Glasses with little fake windshield wipers. Fifteen dollars. (Please keep in mind that we *might* have just dropped about $50 at Urban Outfitters and in Little Tokyo on Hello Kitty stickers).  As she and I are wondering around the store, I'm trying to lose the wiper glasses.  I was successful in leaving the wiper glasses somewhere on the second floor when she was distracted with pink laundry baskets.

When it came time to check out, Iolani was starting to whine and then she remembered her wiping glasses.  And, like water in the desert...the clerk ringing us up asked if we had their customer card.

Of course we don't.  But - one uses the iPad to sign up.  And - who could be distracted with the iPad so that we don't have to witness a meltdown AND we didn't have to buy the wiper glasses. 


So - Iolani was sitting on the counter three days before Christmas...typing in her first name, last name, email address, phone number, zip code...and then I entered in just the street address, city, and state.  It took a little bit, and I kept apologizing to the clerk...and he was not just okay with our little debacle...he was all smiles.  It seem so sincere, he was seriously all smiles and calm, cool, and was just so supportive of the "good lesson" we were teaching.

We finished up, I turned back to thank everyone for their patience...and there was not a happy face in the whole line.  But, the guy who checked us saved our night.  Thank you.

From: SAN ZeroWasteLA []
Sent: Monday, December 09, 2013 3:37 PM
To: undisclosed-recipients
Subject: Zero Waste LA Franchise System Survey

The City of Los Angeles is transitioning to a new waste and recycling system for all businesses and large multifamily dwellings (including apartment complexes and condos). The goals of our new system – a franchise program called Zero Waste LA – include:

·         Higher Recycling (90% diversion from landfills by 2025)

·         Reduced Street Impacts and Cleaner Air

·         Fair Customer Rates

·         Superior Customer Service

Zero Waste LA will not affect single family home residents – or those currently serviced by the City of LA. 

You can help the Bureau of Sanitation gather information as to what we should expect and require of participating waste haulers.  Your input is vital to make sure the system best meets customer and neighborhood needs.  Please help by completing the online survey, simply select from the following links or visit our website at

The City has provided a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).  Please visit our website at for updates to the FAQs

You may also visit our website at for more information. Please e-mail us at or call (213) 485-2260 with any questions.



Thank you for contacting

Solid Resources Citywide Recycling Division
Bureau of Sanitation
City of Los Angeles

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More wonky talk!

Understanding the Location Affordability Portal

There is more to housing affordability than how much rent or mortgage you pay. Transportation costs are the second-biggest budget item for most families, but to date there hasn't been an easy way for people to fully factor transportation costs into decisions about where to live and work.

But now, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) have partnered to develop the  Location Affordability Portal. The site provides the public with reliable, user-friendly data and resources on combined housing and transportation costs to help consumers, policymakers, and developers make more informed decisions about where to live, work, and invest. 

DOT and HUD are offering two webinars to provide an overview of housing and transportation costs and to demonstrate how the Location Affordability Index and My Transportation Cost Calculator can be used to support location-based decision making.

December 17, 2013 1:00 -2:00pm EST

Registration Link:    

December 20, 2013 2:00 -3:00pm EST

Registration Link:

Solid Waste Integrated Resource Plan (SWIRP)

Notice of Completion and Availability for the SWIRP Draft PEIR
The City of LA's, Bureau of Sanitation released a Notice of Completion (NOC) on October 31, 2013 for the Draft Program Environmental Impact Report (Draft PEIR) on the Solid Waste Integrated Resources Plan (SWIRP), also known as the Zero Waste Plan. The SWIRP Draft PEIR has been completed and is ready for public review and comment from October 31, 2013 to December 20, 2013. For more information visit,

Inclusive Planning and Design in Mobility Management

From United We Ride:

Inclusive Planning and Design in Mobility Management
Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013, 2:00 PM ET 

This is a joint webinar by the National Center for Mobility Management and the ACL Strengthening Inclusive Coordinated Transportation Partnerships Project.

Link to more information is at: 

 The webinar will showcase mobility management practitioners who have creatively and persistently afforded people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, and others the opportunity to be involved in transportation planning. They will discuss their partnerships with other organizations, their outreach to different populations, and their inclusive attitude. We will be exploring ways to be inclusive from the perspectives of transit, human services, and centers for independent living.

 Kelli Fairless, Valley Regional Transit, Meridian, ID
Presenter: Dwight Mengel,Tompkins County Dept. of Social Services, Ithaca, NY
Presenter: Judy Telge, Coastal Bend Center for Independent Living, Corpus Christi, TX
Moderator: Sheryl Gross-Glaser, National Center for Mobility Management, Washington, DC

Joining the webinar:
 There is no pre-registration. Follow the link 15 minutes before the time of the webinar. Webinar link:

Ohhhh the disappointment

I had to be at the office at about 8:15 this morning, which meant that I would have to forgo my usual "breakfast club" book reading in Iolani's class. Historically, I sit with the kindergarteners of the class of 2026 (Isn't that weird) and read to them as they eat breakfast. I tend to get two pages into the story and I'm interrupted.  I rarely get to finish the book, and when I do...I'm met with a chorus of "read it again". 

I truly enjoy their mouth-full-of-cheerios-discussion.  They have mentioned the importance in washing hands, how slimy boogers are, and what their brother did last night that involved jumping off the kitchen table in hopes of securing chocolate chip cookies. Iolani will chime in with a story about Scooter, Jackie Brown, or something inappropriate she saw on YouTube.

I was upset that I wasn't able to read to the kids this morning.  Not so much for the relaxation that reading (or attempting to read) to the kids brings...while they are all swirling around, wrestling each other to the floor, and my constant signing "sit down" and "eat your food"...  But rather the look of extreme disappointment and judgment in Iolani's eyes.  Clearly, she enjoys the fact that it is Her mom reading and sitting through breakfast, in her world. 

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