First World Working Mom Problems

We spend our kid, teenage, and young adult years being told "do it by yourself" or "get it done", or my current favorite: "make it happen!".  Then, here I am told...told about the virtues of delegation, "hire someone to do that for you", or "We can do this for you", and I'm supposed to take this help willingly?

I'm currently on the mend from a sinus infection and bronchitis. I no longer roll my eyes when the doctor says "slow down" or "why did it take so long to get in?" or "cold medicine isn't meant to help with sinusitis".  I know I know!  Our house takes more than 3 people to keep it working. God knows it takes more than 3 people to keep me working.  

This is what I've done to "make it happen":

1) Ordered groceries online for home delivery.  Purchasing our family groceries is a family event.  But this week...getting back from a trip, and having night things after work every day - made it impossible.  We were supposed to go grocery shopping on Wednesday, then Thursday....  I just ordered the list, had it delivered on Friday afternoon. Done.  Groceries for the weekend, and added bonus: ordered everything on the shopping list and not an item more.

2) Erica! She's taking care of the laundry and cleaning the house once a week. Just knowing that I don't need to stress about laundry, takes a huge weight off my shoulders.  

3) Rely on people who've asked to be a part of the action! Did you ever noticed that when people say - "Call me, I want to help"...and you call them...they really do want to help!  

There...I am back on my path for having it all.  The key is - bringing the right people into your circle who want to have it all too!

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