Why We Stay

Why We Stay

Before Iolani, we usually didn't get out of the house on a Saturday until 2 or 3 in the afternoon.  Usually it was because Alex wouldn't even stop snoring until 10-ish, and I'd sit out in the living room catching up on Netflix.  We didn't have a DVR until the arrival of @msiolani.

We didn't get out of the house today until 1ish today.  We took the subway to 7th/Flower, wandered up the street to check out some work on Flower work.  It looked so nice…so nice.  So nice.  I hope that when people wander back into the neighborhood on Monday morning, they are all happy with it too.  

It was also nice to find out the film crew that was driving around the neighborhood didn't see the Flower Street work as a bother.  Everyone seems to be getting along just fine.

We walked to Tossed, which is open on the weekends!  Woo-wee.  For how long have we pained for places to be opened during the weekends in the FinDis?  The food was great, the bathrooms were amazingly clean.  I even BEGGED my daughter to try to go to the bathroom before our next stop.  

If there's one bit of advice I can offer to neighborhood newbies…treasure the clean bathrooms and schedule your day around them.  Treasure the businesses that make their bathrooms available to customers, and >maintain< them as if they are for customers only.  

She rebuffed my request.  Even though she had finished more than half a bottle of apple juice.  Can you sense the dramatic foreshadowing?

We headed out to Wilshire towards Grand.  The Big Blue Bus was barfing out neon, Nike's, spandex, fanny-packs, and blondes.  Clearly, those kids got off at the wrong stop.  They wandered around for a good two blocks, with confused bickering.  I asked Alex if we could help them.  I asked in the tone that you would have as a kid…like the time you asked your parents for a new pet.  They were making their way to LA Historic Park, and maybe they thought if they headed to South Park???  Finally, we got them pointed to the subway and told them to get to Union Station.  

We continued our steps to Broadway, making our way to the new Ross.  Iolani's old enough now, she doesn't always want to hold our hand, but she knows not to get too far out front or behind.  She's comfortable on the sidewalk, crossing the street.

We got to Ross, and it was comfortably full.  We went downstairs, picked around through the dresses, toys, toys, and toys.  Alex wandered around the shirts.  But then…Nature Called!  Iolani announced that she needed to use the restroom.  Ross doesn't have a customer restroom…so we left without buying anything.  Don't worry - we'll go back…but not before Iolani's figured why it is important to value clean bathrooms.

Next up…the hunt for the bathroom.  Alex treated us to an afternoon snack at Figaro: Macaroon, cake, and coffee.  Figaro treated us to a nice clean bathroom.  It was a tiny bit surreal to be inside Figaro, and look out to see Broadway.  There's this mix of the 1980's Broadway, the 1990's Broadway, and the current Broadway…as I like it.  

At this point, Alex is attempting the discussion about how to get Iolani down for a nap.  But, what he didn't know was that in the bathroom, Iolani had a near meltdown over the paper towel holder being empty.  That was a great sign that she's tired.  We headed out, walking to the subway…walking up 7th Street towards Pershing Square.  

All the sudden the music got really loud.  Really loud…like when a band sets up in the alley to shoot their music video. Yes, they still make those. As we were walking by, a production assistant was frantically telling us to keep walking as to not mess up the background shot.  Iolani was amused that a band was set up on the street.  She's seen it before, but I don't think seeing a band set up in the alley is too outrageous.  Regardless, she started to bob her head.

We made our way to the subway, which was still filled with these Swedish Mafia fans heading to the park.  Alex was still rehearsing his game plan for getting Iolani to nap.  I'm thinking I just need to hold her in my arms and she'll fall fast asleep.  I was pretty confident that Alex didn't think she would fall asleep in my arms.  Especially when half of Venice and West LA packed the subway car.  At least they moved as I made my way to a seat on the train.  

She totally fell asleep in my arms.  She was out by the time we made it to Union Station.  We've been home for about an hour, and she's still sleeping.

All this to say…with utility work, a movie shoot, a video shoot, a grand opening, a gigantic music festival, and who cares what was happening at LA Live…DTLA has plenty of capacity for whatever you want to do, bring on a football stadium!  

Bee Tee Dubs - we finished all the paperwork to renew our lease on our apartment rental.  We know that we will be in the El Pueblo for another year.  We stay because our daughter likes it here, and everything she needs is well within reach.   

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