The Story Teller

Iolani has entered the "Story Teller" phase of life.  She'll ask for one of us to tell her a "scary story" and then she tells it back with further embellishment, making it even more scary than before. For the past two nights, I've been recounting the "This One Time At Summer Camp" story, about a kayak trip that ended with mice in the kayaks, because the girls were careless with their trail mix.

So, consider all the bits and pieces of the story that totally amazes her:

That Mommy:

1) Paddled a boat
2) Went camping in a tent
3) Slept in a tent
4) Woke up at night to strange sounds
5) Left the security of the tent to check on the strange sounds
6) Squealed when mice were located in the kayaks

I've got her drinking the Girl Scout Kool-Aid.  To hear her retell the story, she includes bits about seeing bigfoot, aliens, a pocket knife, and a lot more emphasis on eating trail mix.

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