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GH&T readers know that at the end of the year I tend to do these “lookbacks” to the highs and lows from the year.  I was thinking about needing to write this entry, and I’ve decided to not look back.  The year was what it was. It was a year of “It will get better”.  

I spent this year shoulder deep in work, relationships, and not a lot of baseball.  I spent a lot of this year unintentionally reconnecting with people who add a tremendous amount to my life, while at the same recognizing the love and value of the people around me.  

Without a doubt, I can say that I have a great life.  It isn’t perfect, and it shouldn’t be.  Perfect is something nice to strive for, but for some reason it seems to be just too much to reach for. Like you, I have days of rainbows, glitter, and puffy clouds.  And, like you...I have days of fuck, shit, argh, damnit, and something I would describe as  a “momentary emotional outburst that involve tears”.   At the conclusion of said “momentary emotional outbursts” I think to myself “It will get better”, dust myself off and get on with it.

(I swear on a stack of bibles, this is going somewhere)

You know, I walk through Union Station at least two times a day.  I have the opportunity to pass at least 50 people every time.  I often think to myself that I should put my phone away and look up, make eye contact with as many people as possible...because I want people to know that I see them.  I see you.  Not like a security, creepy kind of thing, but when you consider how many people you might pass in a day and not say hello...but just pass them in the hall...I can’t help but think about how many people go through their day and only get their recognition as a human being one or two times a day.  

And, that’s it...that is my point.  The project of “it gets better” was just a start.  The next step literally must be “You are not alone”

My friends...You Are Not Alone, and further - you are not invisible.  You might be stuck behind the big espresso machine, commuting, in the midst of crossing the’ll see me...and I’ll look to make eye contact with you so that you know that I see you.

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