No more Nice Mommy

It has been quite the weekend.  I had high hopes on Friday, when Iolani made the Union Station Pilgrimage without the use of the stroller. She wanted to be seen wearing her backpack, she was full of conversation about what she was expecting of the day.  When I picked her up that evenings, we traveled home - sans stroller.  I'm thinking we are dee Ohhh Ennnn EEEE with the stroller.  Let's see how Monday morning goes.

Saturday afternoon, Alex and I found ourselves knee deep in the discussion about Discipline.  We are a no-spank house, we haven't really been successful in using timeouts.  We have been good about just saying "go to your room".  In fact, when she thinks she's done something wrong, often times she will just go to her room on her own.

So, when her attitude blatantly ignores Alex - and I'm supplied with "But but but but but...Mommy...." I think we were both at a loss of what to do.

And, then...this afternoon while we were at the theater watching Nutcracker...imagine our horror...ABSOLUTE HORROR...when our child no only is antsy at the theater, but then begins a meltdown/tantrum in the middle of the theater. At least 40 other people didn't have to imagine it - they lived it.  We had to leave.  We LEFT the theater.  We had a talk outside the theater about how Daddy was really looking forward to the movie, that it was something nice he wanted to do for us, and further - that Daddy was going to be very sad that Iolani had to cry during the Nutcracker.  Her reason: she claimed to miss the cat.

As we made our way out the door, I remembered the other reason for our trip to the area: Santa Claus. The dilemma became - Do we go straight home, or do we visit Santa and go home.  Once we decided that Santa was going to get a visit, I had to get cash from the ATM to pay for the Santa visit.  Another tantrum ensued...right in front of Santa Claus.  So, of course - once we did get up there, Santa so graciously mentioned that Iolani needed to start listening to her parents.

That lasted all of one Alley.

So, here we are.  Figuring out that if she doesn't get enough time to play outside she is going to be like this.  If she doesn't get enough mommy/daddy time, she's going to be like this.  I say this with a smile, I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world - but OMG...the girl needs constant nurturing.  LOL.

So - raise your sippy cup to constant nurturing.

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