The Bike!

You know I bought a bike.  I've been trying my best not to be like "I HAVE A BIKE!!!!".  It isn't a "special" bike, the tires are big, it's a something-speed, there's no aerodynamics is just a bike.  I've been using the bike to get to church, but I have to admit...I'm having to fight the urge to ride this thing everywhere.  Maybe it is because I haven't had a near-miss...or because the weather has been so nice...but now...I'm is time for the next step...a ride to work.

It's a whopping 7.1 miles.  I got this.

Alex and Iolani will stay home tomorrow, and I can ride my bike to work.  It is a good day to do it...a holiday for most...I will be in the office for the day. get home (because it will be dark and I don't feel confident to make the ride in the dark) I'll hop the Metrolink for $5.50.

It feels good to ride through town, waving to people as I go by thinking "Hey, I could be walking and talking with friends...or zoom zoom zoom!!!"  I spend the ride strategizing the approach to the hill, timing my pedaling with the light...not really focused on the four million things waiting for me at either point A or point B.

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Ginny Brideau said...

I made it to work. It took about an hour.