How did they do?

Well - I missed voting in the neighborhood council elections.  I got wrapped up in the evacuation of Iolani's daycare and missed it. 

In any case - how did the unofficial votes turn out?  First...HCNC.

I had a friendly bet going with a fellow stakeholder that the Arts District would experience "UNPRECEDENTED" participation, and boy was I wrong.  5 people turned out to vote for Angie. 

To those five people...thanks, but why not drag your neighbor with you? 

The Unofficial Results are here:

Not the "Holy crap, make more copies of the ballot" turnout I hoped for...but hey....bring on the friendly snark:

Patti wiped the floor with Edgar. Edgar ran a good race...he's a good guy.
Hal - always brings the voters to the yard...heeeeeey.
Tina Pellegrino - word on the street...she might be good at community organizing. Yes!
David Hurtando and Travis Kasper took my advice and voted for themselves.  :-)

The race I knew that would be: Jessyka and General Jeff.   I didn't even try to hide it - General Jeff always had my support for his reelection.   It is unfortunate that Jessyka said in an email to me that she was listed under the wrong category...only for me to hear from others that she fully intended to run for the resident seat.  That made me sad.

Scott Bytof won without a coin toss, and by two votes.  I won't hide my ongoing disappointment with the residents of South Park not to get engaged.  But, maybe they are all too busy working to pay for those monster mortgages they all must have.

The ACE seats...daaaang...isn't that like three new faces on the council.  Snap. 

Well, then you bring in Joe Moeller...not only did he vote for himself, but he got 53 OTHER people to do the same.  (Pssst: David and Travis...that's what's supposed to happen)

The SSP - another turnout masterpiece...Hats off to Adam Anglin for voting for himself. 

So - now...for those candidates who didn't win...please note that you can still (or maybe this will be your first time) participate during DLANC activities.  Go get em!

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