DLANC Ballot S.N.A.F.U. Unfortunately.

DLANC election
Tonight I enveloped with my DLANC ballot.  I'd like to tell you that I've been saving it for tonight…except…that Alex asked about my ballot last week, and I got busy and just forgot it (and lost it for a moment…but I found it tonight).  

Okay, I'm beyond disgusted, disappointed, and just almost…alllllllllllmmmmmmoooooooossssssst just this shy of seeking some level of disengagement.  I'm sure there is someone sitting over at DONE just dreading my upcoming paragraphs.  Trust me…I'm dreading it too.

The Envelope:

  1. I provided my entire mailing address on my vote-by-mail application.  Look how my envelope with my ballot arrived. Maybe I'm the only DLANC voter in the apartment complex of 272 apartments.  Thank you to the mailman for delivering my ballot.
  2. My pink ballot says I'm voting for the social services provider ballot.  The only social services I provide…revolve around serving wine at dinner parties.  I registered to be an at-large stakeholder.  I do not live in the DLANC boundaries (I'm in HCNC's district), I go to church in South Park, and I feel like I'm just an all-around DLANC stakeholder.

My ballot:

Okay, I'm trying my best to remain calm and not stick on ALL CAPS. BUT SWEET RICE KRISPIES, DONE sent me the wrong ballot to an incomplete address, and now I am gonna have to figure out how to get to the DTLA Exchange on the day of a very important work-related meeting.  I registered for a mail-in ballot because I sincerely VALUE this election, what it means to my community…and if DONE can't do some kind of cross check and quality control…maybe the neighborhood council needs to use some of their money to use the City Clerk's office to run the election.  Although…when the clerk ran it…there were problems too.

So, okay…what do we do.  It is a "royal" WE thing…if the neighborhood councils are going to be seen as a bunch of neighborhood wahoo advocates, fine…let the councils run their own elections, because this kind of mess (IT IS THE WRONG BALLOT!!!) is something I know many of the neighborhood council's that I've come in contact with would never stand for.  But…if the City sees neighborhood councils as a legitimate act of representative government…then both the neighborhood councils and City Departments and the Council need to fold these elections into the City elections.  

Meanwhile, I'll make my way to DTLA exchange on Thursday to get the right ballot and cast my votes.  Argh…so frustrated and disappointed.  And...just in case you forgot..here's the listing of candidates that may or may not be accurate.  (Oh geesh...I'm starting to sound like Militant Angeleno...sorry dude)

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