Bonding Over Shoes

Last night we ventured out to the far eastern reaches of Pasadena for the Nordstrom Rack. The upside is that we arrived about an hour before closing time, so I had some confidence that we wouldn't walk out the door with something that would cause us heartache in the next 30 days.

Iolani played along with the "idea" that our goal was to find Alex a new workbag.  She was able to convince me of this until we got to the second floor.  At that  point she asked if she could go back downstairs and sit next to this boy that was sitting at the front door.

At first I was thinking...OMG...why does she want to sit next to this boy?!?!?!?! But then it dawned on me, this kid was sitting all alone, by the front door, waiting for his mom to finish shopping.  He had something Iolani didn't have at this moment: Complete Freedom of Movement.  Still - our answer to her was "No".

As Alex went about trying to find a back, Iolani and I went over to a rack with clothes in her size.  First she was asking "Is this my area? Are these my size?"

Once I confirmed these were 4...she started to thumb through the rack, found two very glittery dresses and proudly announced "I NEED THESE"

"For what?  When will you wear these?", I ask.

"At home, I will wear them at home", she says.

"You could wear them out to dinner", I say.

She continues "But I can't wear them in my car seat, they will get wrinkly, so we have to take the train".

So, although they were great dresses...she didn't think she would have enough opportunities to wear the dresses.  And great...they were $40 a piece.

Next..she found the shoes.  She was asking me what her size was...and I have to admit I don't know because she would never put her foot in that measure thingee.  Until last night!  She's an almost 8!!!

We went to the 8 aisle, and because she knows what the number 8 looks like, she started pulling down shoes that she wanted to try on.  She took her shoes and socks off...started putting on shoes.  I would hear "yes" or "no", as she made quick mincemeat of the Nordstrom kids shoe rack.  The glittery shoes would get an extra "Ohhhhhhh....sparkle!!!!" and the drab-and-dreary would get the "these are ugly, right mom" once over.

She narrowed it down to three pairs of shoes.  At that point I realized that Alex had texted, not once...twice...but three times "WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!??!?!?!".  I replied with a picture of her trying on pink crocs.    He came over, saw the madness of shoes.  She quickly picked out the one pair, although she tried with the "I need three" approach.

We were left unattended again.  I gave into the idea that she really needed to see the boy downstairs.  Thank goodness he wasn't there, because as she was starting to wimper about missing the boy, she spotted PINK GLITTERY NAIL a bug to a light...all was right in the world.

But wait...there's more.

I asked that since we were downstairs, I wanted to make a trip over the purses.  To get to the purses, you have to get through the accessories.  Iolani loves accessories.  She picked up a necklace that was full of eclectic big bobbly beads (Betsey Johnson)...that was $80 on clearance.  OMG - I was so happy when she found a $12 necklace that I could trade with her.  Although the Betsey Johnson necklace was better for her.

It was so fun to watch her try on necklaces, and gently put them back.  She would walk over to the mirror, gently try on the necklace and look at the necklace from different angles.  We tried on hats, I tried clutches.  She went back and forth, trying on just a bunch of necklaces.  There was a nice comment from the sales clerk, implying that Iolani was being very thoughtful in how she would put everything back as she finished.

This was the first not-stressful shopping event, ever.  She was calm..enjoying the art of the jewelry.  Alex was again sending us frantic text messages to come back upstairs to see some shoes.  Soon thereafter, the store announced it was closed, and we came home...with a necklace, pair of shoes, and I think...some nail polish.

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