Out of Town for those who don't "do" text message speak.  And, as I've settled into my role at "Mommy" - I wanted to convey a couple of ground rules for everyone as we are going to be OOT for the next couple of days:

  1. You cannot park in our parking spot.  Unless your mommy's name is Celeste, and your daddy's name is Travis.
  2. Unless your name is Mark, or an employee of Mark - you cannot come in the house.  
  3. No one can play with Iolani's toys while we are gone.  That includes any of her dress-up clothes, tea sets, or her tool box.
  4. The pool, for as much as I've tried to convince Iolani...is for our neighbors.  It is not ours, we share it.
  5. Please do not make a mess of the Facebook Groups we administer.  This is not the time to take great pictures of you photobombing potholing locations. Take those pictures from afar and post.
  6. Please do not crank call the office. Do not fill up my voicemail box with your renditions of "Call Me Maybe" or anything by The Beibs.
  7. Avoid any large protests, marches, or throwing things at windows.  Please leave the newspaper stands attached to their pedestal. 
  8. Do not camp out at the house waiting for our return.  I promise, we will come home and we will have meatloaf soon.

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