She's Fierce, She's Four

Here we are…four years ago Iolani made her grand entrance in to the world. But more importantly – Alex and I have been successful in nurturing and growing this child.  So far, so good.  Although, I think we battle with balancing our desire to “give her everything” with helping her to understand that you have to “work for everything”.  I think every parent has that battle.  Regardless, she’s sharp, sassy, and tuned in to the world around her.

Watching her over the last couple of weeks, she’s changed. It used to be I could just set clothes out and she’d wear them.  Now, she wants to pick them out AND put them on by herself. I suppose that means I can start focusing on me again in the morning.  For example, I think the first thing I will start doing again is brushing my hair and teeth.  J

Because I’ve never done this before, I look at for a lot of advice for those things I don’t want to ask my friends about.  Babycenter’s email today talks about how “she’s four now” and reminds me that I should quietly go through her toys and hand them off to Goodwill.  That is a very good idea.  She’s got a lot of baby toys tucked in there, but for the most part she’s all crayons, markers, stamps, and paint.  Maybe it is time to upgrade her watercolor brushes. 

Holy crap…I need to schedule that 4-year old well child visit.  I wonder if she will need any shots?

>calling now<

Holy crap!  They can’t see her until the end of October.  Well…That will teach me.  Lesson learned.  Iolani’s well child visits should be scheduled in June.  Which is probably a good idea moving forward anyways because in August there’s always the rush for back to school physicals.

Trips to the ER in the last year: Oh, when was that Bead up the nose  incident?
Toilet trained: Oh hell yea!  Bonus question: No bed wetting!
What does she like to eat: chicken, cotton candy, hotdogs, broccoli off of other people’s plates, cookies, and pasta
Can she ride a tricycle: outgrew it.  She’s on a bike with training wheels
Preschool: Yup.
Fluoride in the water: Yes.
Games does she like: “Catch your bootie”, swimming, tea party (the good kind), and restaurant.
The Safety Talk: We’ve had it.  However, it will never sound right hearing her say “We live at Union Station” And, if you ask me…for a child who is never in trouble and for perfectly law-abiding parents…she knows a lot of Sheriff Deputies and LAPD officers.

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