Twitter reports decline in use

For those who follow me on Facebook, Foursquare, and Twitter - You probably (or haven't) noticed a bit of a drop off.  Well...I'm a little technically challenged lately.  First - I lost my iPhone so I've been downsized to the old iPhone Iolani's been using.  Second - I'm back to using a PC at work, and I'm just not as fast as I used to be.  Maybe because I'm getting older, but my RSS feeds didn't import over a nicely as the Internet said it would. Lying internet bastards.... Thank God (and Chris) for the iPad!

If you don't know what an RSS feed is, then clearly you are not a bastard.  :-) If you do know what an RSS feed is and know how to get them out of Mac Mail and into Outlook...hook a girl up will ya?

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