Where'd they go?

@Pantlessalley sent me a tweet tonight, asking why I though DTLA bloggers left town.  They were responding to a previous post of mine.

Why do people leave DT? There's a whole host of reasons.  It almost seems like most Angelenos are transients...we move from apartment to apartment based on our lease agreements.  You could say it is the nature of living in Los Angeles that you'll need or want to move soon.

When people move out of Downtown, we get weird.  When we moved from the Financial District to El Pueblo - I admit it...I relied on Hal to tell me that I wasn't being moved out of Downtown.  I needed to know I was still in the Neighborhood.  Whew.

So, without any real emotion - here is the list of reasons people have given me as to why they moved out of Downtown:

  • They bought a house, with a yard
  • Their job made them move
  • They "went back home"
  • Their rent was increased
  • They broke up with their partner and needed to find something on their own
  • Accosted on the street
  • Grew tired of panhandlers
  • They got a kid
  • They want a kid
  • Tired of their noisy neighbor
I've never had anyone tell me they've moved out of the neighborhood because a particular store is missing. I'll probably be here forever.  I grew up with a big yard, it required a lot of maintenance.  Outside of Southern California- professionally - I'm highly useless.  If we "went back home" we'd go to Alex's parents in Santa Monica.  Rent...is what it is.... The kid came to us and clearly...she wouldn't know what to do with a backyard.  She'd likely breakdown the fence and start inviting random people over for dinner.

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