Where are the Bloggiests?

Can I sound like an old woman for a moment?  Way back in 2007, when Eric Richardson used to run BlogDowntown - he posted an article about DTLA being the 3rd most "bloogiest" neighborhoods in the country.  We were probably outdone by some SF neighborhood.  But, let's not brood on the past.  

 Except, for those who know me, know that I'm a brooder.  I got to wondering this morning about those blogs linked at the bottom of the BlogDowntown Page.  Take a peek.... you can do two things, click the link to see the websites lined or just read my narrative on "where are they now".

http://viewfromaloft.typepad.com/ continues to post, and Ed also writes for KCET.  He is a well known and prolific writer on anything having to do with the Arts District.  If it includes a spray can or a mural - Ed's your guy.  

http://5thandspring.blogspot.com/ still posting and filmmaking.  She's one of the owners of RAW Materials, a brilliant art supply shop located on Main Street.  

http://angelenic.com/ was a blog I used to see as a prime competitor to BlogDowntown.  Rich has since closed up shop on the blog, moved out of DTLA (but is still spotted in the neighborhood from time to time), and is working in a non-blogging world.  I'll always think of him as an awesome neighbor. 

http://bgfa.blogspot.com/ up and moved to CHICAGO, CHICAGO...

http://centralcitye.blogspot.com/ made the switch from blogging to micro-blogging to Facebook.  Don's still around, enjoying SkidRokyo, Skid Row Heights and other DT words.  Don's very much still Downtown.  

http://dnaonbroadway.blogspot.com/ isn't on Broadway anymore...They are SoPa's, or South Parkians, or South Park residents.  

http://www.downtownchick.com/ is still there.  

http://eecue.com/ moved from the HC to LT to AD.  

www.ginnycase.com is till there, annoying as ever.  However, she's moved from the Fashion District to the Historic Core, to the Financial District to Chinatown.  OMG.

http://inlaonla.blogspot.com/ hasn't updated since 2009.  Eric was generous in linking to someone who had posted all of 18 times.

http://lacowboy.blogspot.com/ is Brady's home.  Brady's not really one for Facebook or Twitter.  This blog is likely the most structurally sound thing in his life.  :-)

http://blog.littletokyounplugged.org/ doesn't post that often.  For LT information - you really have to piece is all together from Rafu, Kizuna, FB, and the LTCC website, like http://littletokyola.org/

http://pamelameekorouse.blogspot.com/ was "Meeko on Main" who is now in Emeryville.  

http://www.scribeskidrow.blogspot.com/, as I understand - moved up and out of town.

http://trainedmonkey.com/ is still in the neighborhood.  He's also one of the owners of RAW Materials.  

http://www.talesofdowntown.com/ also moved DTLA, but continues to talk DTLA.

http://underthealexandria.blogspot.com/ is still around, and is active on the FB groups. Their kid is a little older than ours, so I stalk them to see what they do with school stuff.

http://urbanmemo.blogspot.com/ stopped posting in 2010.

http://cartersblog.wordpress.com/ stopped posting so long ago that WordPress gave them the total F-U.

http://skidrowdude.com/ is up in Sacramento.  I'm sure it's a move out, but it's Sacramento.

So, with all that said - I can now admit that I am not a big fan for the direction BlogDowntown has taken.  It used to be that our hyper-local projects could get the "mainstream media" treatment.  The blog is still looked at by potential investors, and rather than the "DTLA is Open and Ready" for your business, they are met with a confusing message of cautious optimism on Monday, and total pessimism come Friday.  

So, where do we look?  Who covers DTLA with wild abandon?  

These are the sites that I see as complete alternatives to the turn BlogDowntown has taken: