The Mommy Post: Beds

Iolani is still sleeping in her toddler bed.  Her legs aren't reaching the other end of the bed, but she is getting close.  It has been a consistent conversation in our house.  It's difficult for us to decide on furniture.  On one hand, there's someone in the house who's very "design" oriented, and then there's someone else in the house who's got the keen eye on how something is supposed to be kept clean.

In any case, here's what we've been looking at:

Ikea's Reversible Bed:
Like everything else in our house - it is Ikea, practical, easy to build...and the likely purchase.

Wow Girl Bed:
My personal favorite.  The ladder has a handrail.  The slide is good for a quick dismount.

Pocono Bookcase/Storage Bed:
Don't get excited, I'm not suggesting the whole set - just the bed and headboard.  This seems to be very flexible for whatever apartment we move to.  I can't imagine us staying in one apartment for more than three years.  It is really up to the rental market.

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