Dogs alone don't make a community

Every time I get a new antibiotic prescription, I get this stern warning from the doctor to slow down. While I appreciate her concern, I cant imagine what slowing down look like, let alone feel like. All that said, this April has been one for the books. I think our April's will always be crazy. April 2008: Iolani announced herself. April 2009: wedding and honeymoon. April 2010: we were overwhelmed with daycare and a trip to Washington. April 2011: a trip to Washington to celebrate Grandpa Bob's birthday mixed in with a bit of little sister drama. April 2012, we had a move, and on the work front..some environmental documents that were yearning for approval.

Now that we have this new lease, that puts us in a better position in the future to take advantage of "pre summer" leasing rates. What a pain. 11 months from now we will have to subject our household to looking for a different apartment, packing up again....

You know...I wonder if anyone who leases apartments considered what kind of money could be made if 18, 24, or 36 month leases were available. Imagine what kind of friendly apartment community one could have if such an option would be available.


shannon said...

i am so thankful that i found my rent controlled apt 16 years ago. rent has gone up the standard 3% (now 4%) every year and i still pay way under market value. granted my life hasn't changed the way yours has and i'm hesitant to leave due to the great deal i'm getting so there are some drawbacks.

when i moved in i inquired why, at the time, rent in that building was a bit lower than the norm and it was because the landlord didn't want to deal with high turnover. hence, a good number of us have been here a while, thereby creating a little community.

totally understand your frustration.

St.Lucia Rental Homes said...

Well it is obvious that you have had quite obvious that you have had your hands full for the past few years. Caught up with all of the crazy stuff going on in your life. Its always a hassel moving from one apartment to another especially when you were not prepared to do so. Maybe the next apartment you move into you should suggest the lease be extended because sometimes the owners would be willing to make an excepting for you. Guiding that they feel comfortable with the long term commitment. I do hope you have already found somewhere! Best of luck