Finding Obscure DTLA rentals

Any experienced Downtowner will tell you that cragislist, the DCBID housing tours, and Artwalk are the best places to get your foot in the door to the wealth of DTLA properties available.  But, for those of us who have been here for a while, we have to take alternative approaches to finding the next unit.

Why do we move so often?
Simple: the majority of DTLA properties are not under any rent control.  They go up, down, and all around as the rental market goes.  You will get the most expensive rental rates in June, July, and August.  You can thank the out of towners who just want to use our neighborhood for access to golf courses, the beach, the rooftop pool.  You can find something the beginning of September, but by the end of September things are locked down for the next couple of months. (Being close to USC and FIDM doesn't help)

We move often because we are looking for the next deal that keeps us within our budget.  Alex and I are constantly asked why we haven't purchased a condo in DT.  While we say - it's too much, HOA fees are too high, and other worth while excuses...the real reason lurking there is this: we are incredibly busy and I'm not ready to make that kind of commitment.  I mean, I married my husband and we have a baby.  That's my commitment.  :-)

Here's my deep dark secret for finding the next unit: I am raiding the vacation rental listings.  I'm going to attempt to prey on those owners who might be growing tired of turning over their unit after three weeks, three months, or 6 months.  I'm willing to do a 12 or 24 month lease for the right unit.

The starting point: