Begging: Vote For Iolani!

I'm trying hard to keep blogging. If I had to blame it on any social media platform, I would say Twitter is my downfall. I can do these one-offs a couple of times a day, releasing the work/live/play tension - not allowing for any kind of bloggable experience. If you piece all my tweets together, you'll likely see that I spend 1/3 of my day winding myself up tight, 1/3 of the day coming down off the wall, and then 1/3 of complete tweeting silence because I'm busy making dinner. All that said, here's a summary of What's Up!

We entered into a contest hosted by our leasing company.  And, I need you to click "Like" once you've finished watching it.  That is...if you can hold back the tears.

Did you "like" it?  Hopefully we can take home a $1,000 prize and get Iolani a new bedroom set.

If we don't win, she's going to start sleeping on the floor as a sign of protest.  So, help me avoid preschool protesting by clicking "like"

We really need your help.  She has about  50+ likes, but we need to get at least 200 more likes in order to stay competitive.  I know it isn't a great movie, I pieced together snippets of her showing that she's grown up in the building.  Don't click for the technical for the sentiment...the warm fuzzy feeling of Iolani screeching "Mine mine mine mine"

What else is new?  Work's busy.  Every year I think to myself "It can't get any more busy"...BAM...I don't remember being so busy before, but also at every phase of one of the projects - it's the first time the project has hit a particular milestone.  It is bound to be busy.  I know you all know what I do, and I don't typically blog about it.  Well, except for that one time I tried to give you all pointers for what to do when giving public comment...and clearly none of you considered it.  I'm >this< close to not giving people any real practical advice about presenting or testifying at public meetings.  I'm not saying I don't get stage fright (because I did one time in 4th Grade), or I don't say stupid things on a live mic (Big hands mean...gets the job done....) >smack head<.  However, I've been talking to the mic since I was 15 (hat tip to Mrs. Lippy), and .... oh hahahhahah  You aren't getting me on a soapbox today!  Sneaky reader....

The indoor composter is working out very well.  It is a NatureMill, and it's awesome.  For one thing, we have a composting machine in the house.  Number 2: it causes me to think about what we are eating in terms of what composter.  The NatureMill needs unseasoned, undairied, and unoiled foods - so we are eating more leafy veggies...more steamed veggies made without sauces.  So, that's yummy.  But also - for some reason, I make less of it because I'm measuring portions.  On one hand, the NautreMill gets our table scraps, and there's less table scraps.  Regardless - it is a nice addition to the house.

It is like having a pet - it needs nurturing, and if you don't maintain  it...there is a smell.  However, with baking soda and appropriate love and care...there's no smell.

And for those who wonder how much love and care it needs...I will tell you this: I don't know of a lot of households that are busier than this one.  Let me tell you how our week went:

Monday: An elected officials briefing and grocery shopping
Tuesday; Work and a community meeting in the afternoon before coming home to make dinner and tub the child
Wednesday: Work and a community meeting in the afternoon and then dinner out
Thursday: a Crazy work day and dinner with Church members
Friday: Date night.  Ah... date night...

If we can maintain a composting machine in our can too!  And, that compost will likely help to keep the dog-pee smell down in the tree planters.  (For those just asking "where do you put your compost when the machine is done with it?"

Here's the ending to another blog posting.  I was going to blab about how much fun last night's date night at the Water Grill was, but I'll save that for a Yelp or Urban Spoon entry.

Thanks for reading!  Bye Bye!