So, he beats you!

Every once in a while I post something a bit too over the top.  This is one of those posts.  The folks who will read this post don't live nearby, and likely won't even read this post, so WTH, consider it venting.

So, you admit that he's beat you.  Congrats! You've admitted that you are in an abusive relationship.  I looked around the grocery store and apparently they don't have Hallmark cards for this.  I was bummed, but I had other groceries to buy so I had to move on.

I was looking around the internet for a card that I could send.  Unfortunately, when I Googled : "Congrats! He beats you!" the returns were all sports related.  The irony...

But, when I pulled out the "Congrats" - the results were startling!  (I'm being 100% sarcastic).  Did you know that if he beats you, you are likely in a very unhealthy relationship.  And, I read tonight - that if he beats you, you should leave.

According to scientists, I'm not supposed to tell you certain things, but according to this list I'm saying all the right things, and yet...he's moved back in.

Oh, I get it - there are kids involved.  So, you are okay with letting your children witness him beat you.  You are okay with him calling you names. I read tonight that if you kids see this kind of activity they are likely to repeat it when they are in their own relationships.  Don't believe it?  Here's the article, you read it...

There's one thing that I know you must think about this: while he's beating you, it is very likely that your kids are seeing this and at some point will think this is normal and that he will one day beat your children.  Yes - there I said day he will take his hand in anger to one or all of your children, and you will be powerless to do anything to stop it.  Unless you stop this now by leaving him.  I don't say this to say you are guilty for his actions, but at some point you have a responsibility to protect your children from a violent environment.

Wait, wait...there's more...there's a whole syndrome about this whole "he's beating me"

Here are the symptoms:

And, for the next time you declare that "It is OVER!!!" Here are some suggestions on how to handle him when he shows up at your work.  

Statistics say that it takes about 7 times for you to leave him.  Well, I guess we have 6 more times until he's gone.  I truly hope you make it.  There are people who want to help you, you know what to say.

I love you, I want you safe, and you deserve nothing less than mutual love and respect from your partner.