Today was a good day.  Spent the morning at City Hall with the DLANCers of past, present and future!  A huge thank you to Councilman Huizar and his staff (Jessica!!!) for putting all this together.

Seeing everyone today reminded me about how much I like my neighborhood council.  It sounds odd, but a likely thing to come from me.  I’ve been called Pollyanna, oblivious, self-serving, whatever…at least I’m called that by neighbors and not total strangers.  Regardless - it is just another group of people working to make life more fulfilling.

This is the last quiet week for a while.  Let’s take a moment and peek at what my world looks like, at least in my neighborhood….

There are those who are chomping at the bit for a series of environmental documents.  You know, the kind that outline where a train or streetcar would go.  Everyone wants to see their comment and how the agency responded.  

There are those who are antsy to take a next step to build a school.  Parents and children have been drawing up their wish list for classrooms, libraries, office space, playgrounds, and playgrounds with slides.

There are those who are excited to finish the renovations of the church’s parsonsge.  Some are excited because it would make the pastor and pastor’s family’s life much easier…at least it would be comfortable.  I’m anxious to get it finished because there are other things we need to build.  Like a church.

There are those who are giddy with preschool excitement to see who the new Dodger owner will be. I know that our spring will be busy, but I hope not to busy to give money to the Dodgers and not the McCourts.  

Now it is time to wrap this up...I had fun this morning.  I do miss being a board member, dare I say - I miss the meetings. Maybe one day, I'll run for a seat again.  Who knows...