Going to the movies again!

Parents: I bring the good news...you CAN go to the movie theater, order one drink, and bring your kid with you!

Alex and I used to go to the movies all the time before Iolani.  Our place to go was the Arclight.  I think Alex still has enough points to go see movies for free for quite some time. My favorite part about the theater is that more often than not, people like Alex and I were at the theater.  There were no children, no babies, and assigned seating.  I like those kinds of theaters.  I especially like theaters that don't have crowds of people. (because I don't deal well with crowds)

Just when I thought we would be left with a big corporate theater...in comes Gold Class Cinemas!!!  In Pasadena, off the Memorial Park station of the Gold Line.  We (as in Alex) bought out tickets online, explained to Iolani that we were going to see a movie, and she was so excited that she asked me where her Halloween candy was.

Side note: I no longer enjoy Halloween.  Fuck, seriously - the candy is driving me bonkers.  It isn't so much the candy, but that the candy's in the house, and Iolani knows it.  She woke up at 4 a.m. one morning last week - demanding candy.  She gets home from school - "where's my candy".  She sits for dinner - "where's my candy".  Fucking hate these candy crap.  People need to stop giving out candy and start giving out crayons, play dough that isn't black (because I have recently figured out that black play dough stains the carpet...joy...), plastic spider rings, pretzels, a bike...anything by Sweettarts, mint milky ways, and starbursts.

Back to the movie...I need to talk faster, I'm losing interest.  If I'm losing interest, you've already clicked away.

The movie screens are actually two floors down.  When you get to the bottom of the escalators, parents will find something that looks familiar...it looks like a nice bar.  But, it is a nice bar with a family bathroom (but not a kid toilet, but Iolani used the big toilet anyways).  You are met at the bottom of the escalator with waitstaff...who is going to walk you all the way to your seat.  Oh...how nice was it not to have the sharp bickering witty banter with Alex about which way to the theater and to our seats.  The three of us shared two seats...which are two lazy-boy recliners joined together.  Oh, it was perfect.  While Alex was stretched out, enjoying the arm rest, reviewing the menu...I made the poor decision to show Iolani the buttons that reclined my seat.  Thank  god I had already looked at the menu online, and knew that the four cheese pizza would work.

We watched our movie, Iolani wiggled through most of the movie - but given the layout...Missy didn't really bother anyone.  Well...we weren't the only family in there with a young child....  In all honesty...we were there for that movie that sounds like toots in boots (Why is there a childrens' movie that encourages my little innocent girl to say: Pussy?

She can't just say Puss...it doesn't come out right.

Regardless, the food was a little salty.  But, who the fuck cares about that?  We got to go to the movies, it was relaxing, and no one wet their pants.  All in all, total win.

Until she had an exhaustion-induced breakdown after gelato, because I am a horrible mother who caused her to leave behind her unfinished dessert on top of a garbage can.  eh, whatever...I'm sure I'll do worse sooner or later.

This blog entry sucks.  I'll summarize: I enjoyed going to THIS movie theater.  I hope that we go more often.

Daily update

This is too long to tweet. The most exciting thing that happened today, besides Iolani not wanting to be harried everywhere, my iPhone getting repaired at the Apple store, and the church meeting... Was the email about a kick off meeting for a certain project that is finally heading into construction! Finally, something that goes from planning, engineering...construction is the light at the end of the tunnel. No accolades for successful guesses. :-)

My poor attempt at dark humor

Today is the anniversary of my mother's passing.  Yes, 17 years ago, she died. She was forced to leave behind three children, 23 undone quilts, about 3 grand in bad checks, and a lifetime membership in the NRA that was very difficult close out.

I could recount all the exciting and life changing activities that followed, but why?  When I can tell you this little tidbit, that reminds me that God truly has a sense of humor.

My mother and her mother are both up in heaven.  I know this... I am pretty sure that Mom is enjoying her unending supply of Virginia Slims.  Grandma Margaret is likely enjoying her favorite afternoon drink...right now (I know, it's only 10, but afternoon starts early for some ladies).  If my mother was anything like me in her teens, I'm sure that Mom and Margaret continue to have their bickering little fights, their gossip...all that to say... I'm pretty sure that heaven is NOT a quiet place.

Which explains why Grandpa Bob has done such a great job in staying down here....because he knows that up in heaven...it is going to get really loud.

Sick in the City

Funny title right?

There's one drawback to living in the same neighborhood you happen to work in: Being Sick.  I'm home sick today.  I have a fever, runny nose, and oh...so much more.  I'm a little pale (yes, it is possible), dull eyes, very tired...sick.  Home...sick.

I did have to venture out to get the usual "I've got a cold" supplies, like tissue, cough drops, chicken soup, and cash for Iolani's doctor appointment coming up in an hour or two.  But, I only got as far as getting the cash.  Everything else will have to wait until after 5 p.m.

After 5 p.m....anyone I work with or for will have escaped the neighborhood in order to nestle back in their own neighborhood.  I was outside the building - maybe by about 15 steps and I saw a couple of the folks from the Regional Connector PE team.  I'm not a vain person, but I don't need these folks seeing me in my kind of pajamas/weekend/sick wear.

I don't have the energy to put on work clothes, deodorant or socks in order to get my chicken soup.  I'd rather starve it out for a couple of hours in order to avoid the sidewalk at Wilshire/Hope.

File that under: things not said during the housing tour.  :-)

Privacy please

During bath time tonight, Iolani was obviously annoyed with me.  She would mumble, "Mommy go away" and "Mommy five more minutes". I can't just up and leave her in the tub.  

But, now she not only says "Mommy go away" but she pulls the shower curtain closed and announces "Privacy Please". Drives me bonkers.

Privacy please.  

oh, Please.