I forgot to tell you!

I was just re-reading a blog entry from 2005 and realized that I didn't finish the story...

The original post:
I tell this story a million times, but it’s a good story...One day at Mud Bay Coffee, I was behind the counter making, um, coffee. It was raining outside, it was Christmas time. The majority of our customers were women, who worked, who had kids, had big houses, and big expectations. They also had weird drink. A customer, known to me as Pineapple-Latte-Lady, had twin boys, and she had come in for her afternoon tall Pineapple latte.[in the background as I write this, one of the train doors has stopped working, and I’ve spent the last couple of minutes at the South Pasadena station]Anyways...A Pineapple latte is difficult to make. If the milk isn’t just the right temperature the syrup will crystalize, and the milk looks like it’s curdling. Yuck. So - you’ve got to pay attention when you are steaming the milk. Because if you get it too hot, you have to start all over again.Anyways, PLL sat down and began to enjoy her drink. I sat behind the counter proud that I had yet again conquered syrup! She asked me how school was going.

How the story ends:
I told her school was done for the year, and something about going to Europe in the summer.  We spent a good 30 minutes chatting away. I realized that it was getting dark.  Asked her if she had family coming over, how the boys were holding up through potty training.  Her reply:

"I have about 30 people over at the house right now, and the ham will be done in about 20 minutes.  I'l head back in a couple of minutes.  I'm sure no one has noticed I was gone."

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