How do you get kicked out of a neighborhood?

My original post has been edited below.  Additionally, The Downtown News has published an article in response to the question asked on the DTLA Parents Facebook Group.  My feelings on the topic remain unchanged.

On the Facebook group tonight, parents were asked if they are considering leaving the neighborhood in order to get closer to a "better" school. It is a touchy subject because if a couple of reasons:

1) Parents already live in this world were we are constantly comparing our parenting skills to another. As a parent, we know we judge other parents...accidentally or on purpose. So to say "are you going to move out of the neighborhood to find a better school" is the same thing as asking yourself "do I buy the formula with the extra brain power powder or do I hang on and keep nursing?"

2) When a parent admits that they "need" to leave the neighborhood in search of a better school...are we giving up on the neighborhood that we have spend years building and enjoying?

3) When our friends have their kids and move off to the Ivanhoe neighborhood, do we feel that little twinge of guilt that maybe we should be doing the same thing?

4) As a parent, am I all the sudden being asked to value new restaurants, shopping centers, and quality parks over quality education?

Even if you don't have children, it is something, somewhere in your mind you have considered. Maybe I'm asking a very big question of my neighbors...are you in this for the long haul, or is this neighborhood a casual relationship that seems like a remnant of your twenties?

The schools in the neighborhood are improving. We have a lot of new buildings, and LAUSD is LAUSD, and there are so many factors that can cause a school and a classroom to change from year to year. We want to be able to take advantage of every opportunity available to Iolani.

I'm hopeful and optimistic that the Brideaus can stay in DTLA. So far, it isn't the school system pushing us out, but rather the lack of affordable rent for middle (maybe even upper middle) dual income families. For us, it isn't a matter how how long we can stay in the neighborhood we call home, it is a matter of how long will DTLA let us stay.

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dMM_III said...

I love DTLA so much and will have to face this disheartening issue head-on when my lease is up next year. We want to have a second child and will need a 2-bedroom, but with rent at it's current premium (and rising) it seems impossible to stay. Like you said, forget the school issue. It's the lack of affordable 2-bd units that are driving families out of the neighborhood. I don't want to go. We've only been here for 5 months but it feels like home. What can we do?