About that Tablet fad

I used to think the whole iPad thing was just a fad that would come and go...like the Newton, or Handspring.  That was until the iPad was turned into a piece of work equipment. And now....I don't know how I functioned without it.  I no longer carry around a day planner, pad of paper, pens, papers containing agendas, meeting minutes, or fact sheets. I carry my stylus and my iPad. ...  My monogrammed iPad (thank you boss)

There's only one hangup: the initial distraction of what the iPad means to a business meeting.  The moment I sit down, pull out the iPad and start to jot down my notes, inevitably someone whispers; "Hey, what program are you using to do that?"

So, here...for those whisperers who don't even read this blog...here's my  "So Your Boss Got You An iPad, What Apps Do You Need" list.

In no order of preference:
All of the apps cost money.  None of the apps that will do you a damn bit of good are free. So just stop hunting around for the free version.  

And, notice that I didn't tell you anything about what each of the apps do.  I know that you will simply follow the link and read the reviews anyway.  All I need to tell you is that I use these every day to do my job.  

Jesus, I'm tired. Good Night.

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