Two posts in a day, chord struck

As I was tucking Iolani in, I was thinking about the family that lost their new baby during Artwalk. It is a horrible feeling to be looking at our little girl and think that someone out there doesn't have their baby any more.  I mean, already as a parent - from the moment the Iolani left my body - I can tell you I feel like I'm constantly fearful for something horrible happening to her that's out of my control.  When her bedroom door is closed, and she's been sleeping a little bit longer than usual I get all worked up wondering if she's okay in there. I know that it is completely normal to have this "irrational paranoia".  

I also got to thinking about Artwalk and how Artwalk and child-rearling so much the same thing. Right now, for as much as we have people in the neighborhood who mean well - Artwalk continues to be without a parental unit...guidance, or someone to nurture this event to the safest potential possible. Artwalk needs a parent.  Someone that at the end of the day will see to it that Spring Street is closed to auto traffic for Artwalk.

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I recognize there are a couple of garages that can only be accessed off of Spring.  However, Artwalk isn't going away.  People want to come downtown for a monthly event.  There's nothing else like it that happens every month.  As Downtowners we have the opportunity and responsibility to make changes to Artwalk.

These changes need to be made - for a life has been taken.  We cannot let this loss of life be taken in vain.

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