Sadly UPDATED: Something horrible happened last night.

Earlier reports said the baby had died.  Early reports included additional incidents which may have included a stabbing.  I am pretty sure the "relaunch" of Artwalk was not supposed to include these things.  

In reading tweets this morning there were questions about why was a 2-month old out and about at 9 p.m. - let along out during Artwalk.  Questions about why wasn't Spring Street closed to auto traffic.  Questions about "should Artwalk continue". 

Here's one mother's take - aka MINE.

1) Why was a 2-month old out at 9 p.m. and Artwalk.  With all due respect, Iolani didn't miss an Artwalk during the first 6 months of her life. We walked, enjoyed the bright lights and the galleries.  Key word: galleries.  During our last Artwalk, Iolani enjoyed the street music, Syrup, and seeing the neighbors.  

When you live in Downtown - 9 p.m. is late evening, but it isn't late.  Especially when as a parent you know that a late bed time should mean a late wake up the next day. When you live in the neighborhood, Artwalk is when you see the neighbors. Artwalk to Iolani is just a Thursday evening in the neighborhood.  I am sure that other DT parents would agree - Artwalk to families isn't a pedestrian booze cruise.  

2) Why wasn't Spring Street closed?  That is a very good question.  Artwalk is big enough that closing Spring Street between 4th and 6th (and maybe even down to 7th) should be happening. I know there are garages that access Spring, and maybe make it local access (management nightmare), but as residents - let's have that discussion about what it means to improve the pedestrian environment.  

3) Should Artwalk continue.  Um, fucking hell yes.  I might not make it to Artwalk every month, there may be a bunch of non-neighbors hanging out - but they are spending their money in the bars, restaurants, and maybe even a gallery or two. The money and pedestrian activity is worth it. The vacant apartments, the lofts for sale benefit from the one-a-month frenzy of potential residents. And with Carmageddon here - it is kind of nice to gloat over the fact that we have tremendous (and growing) transit access, we have the new school buildings, we have great redevelopment and infill development going on.  

Last night a horrible thing happened.  But maybe through the boozing, chatting, giggling during the morning after, we can take the next step in nurturing our residential neighborhood. We must keep the impacted families in our thoughts and prayers and do what we can to ensure that no other people get hurt during Artwalk.

(I removed the picture from the earlier post.  Given the gravity of the situation, my humor would not be appropriate.)

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