My mom would have turned 59 today.  She only made it to 42.

There are a couple of things I do know.

  1. I know that she would have HATED being anything over 45.  I just can't imagine her anything by 36.  I remember when she turned 32, claiming that she wasn't going to age ever again.  
  2. She would have been really pissed about all of the No Smoking signs, laws, and the overall societal disapproving over smoking.
  3. She would have been REALLy pissed about the price of her cigarettes.  When she started smoking, I think a pack of her Virginia Slims Menthol Lights cost about 50 cents.  Now - each pack is over $6.  At a pack a day, that's almost $200 a month in cigarettes.  Don't forget the matches.

While she would not have been a very happy 59 year-old, it is nice to know she's kind of still around.  And, the kids are doing okay.

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