Potty Training

Oh, I know - the last thing most G H&T readers want to read about is potty training.  Just go on and hit that button "next blog"

We started training on March 1, 2011, with tremendous support from Teacher Blanca at Iolani's school.  Alex was worried that Iolani would poop on the carpet. I wondered how I would handle poopy panties.  We didn't want Iolani to experience any sort of failure, or feeling of frustration.  We did our best to minimize our reaction when she had her accidents.  We spent most of the month tethered to the house, with anyone who wanted to see us - had to come to us.  We had to be close to the house for the potty chair.

She figured out how to use her potty chair by the end of March. She still was having trouble with the #2s, but you could tell that she was trying, and that she didn't want to sit in poopy diapers anymore. Also, she was glued to her little toilets at school and her potty chair at home.  The only full size toilet she would use was at Alex's parents house.

So, when our trip to Washington came around, we figured we would bring a couple of pullups and rejoice in having a potty trained little girl.  Oh...how we were schooled.  Iolani wanted nothing to do with the Amtrak toilet. The toilet is the same kind of toilet used on most cruise lines.  On the first leg of our train trip, Iolani held "it" for nearly 6 hours.  I put a pullup on her and told her that she needed to do her business in the pullup.  Poor thing. For the remainder of the trip, she was in pullups and didn't use the toilet one time.  That was a bit of a parental bummer.

Alex and I talked about this when we got home and agreed...the pink princess potty would join us on our cross country train trip to New Orleans.   Not only did she do her business in the potty on the train and in the hotel room - we had only one "#2" accident and no pee-pee accidents.  While she still will not use the big toilet - as long as we have the pink potty with us - who cares.  She'll get to the point where she'll want to use the big white toilet.  Just like she got to the point of no bottles, pacifier and diapers.  She's a big kid now.  ;-)

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