Getting out of town

So here we are on our way home from the Rotary international convention. It was the longest time out of the office since Iolani's birth. And much like the last time away from the office, I still checked my email, posted on twitter and Facebook. I know you are wondering, in fact I'm wondering myself: 1) do I have a
problem? 2) did I relax?

I don't think I have a problem. I mean posting on FB and twitter is really a luxury. It might be shocking to hear me confess that while I often take my phone with me into the bathroom, I don't always have my phone with me. Ask my husband about the time
Iolani and I went missing on Train Day. He kept calling my phone, texting, and nearly losing his shit because we weren't at SBUX, and I wasn't answering my phone. I mean how could I? It was sitting on the bed at home. And Iolani and I were playing at the fountain by the MWD building.

Yes, I forgot my phone. It still counts.

Then there's the question of did I relax. I think I did. I mean I took naps most days, really fucked up Iolani's sleep schedule. I guess going out for dinner at 11 pm will do that. But hey... She napped from 4 to 9. I don't know a lot of towns that wouldn't look at us weird when we walked in with our kid at 11pm and asking about the children's menu.

I'm relaxed. I know I am because I'm anxious to get home and post all my pictures on Facebook.

Thanks for the concerns. Duly noted.

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