I'm Here! I'm Here!

The time between postings has become too long!  For those who read Ginny Here and There, I'm sure have become with this website and prefer the witty banter off of Twitter and Facebook.  Blah.  That wasn't what I wanted to have happen, but it is exactly what happened.  What can I say...

We are getting ready for the annual April pilgrimage to Washington. Time to visit family, friends, Tully's Coffee on every corner, and some very dark and dreary weather. This is Trip #3 I believe, or is it Trip #2...I can't remember. (Taking a moment to look up iPhoto).  It is Trip #3. This time we are heading up to celebrate Grandpa Bob's 90th Birthday.  I don't know if I would want to live to be 90, but if I do - I hope that I'm as "with it" as he can be.  It just appears to be exhausting.  (If I could possibly be any more exhausted)

All that to say, I'm in hyper super-duper overdrive.  Monday and Tuesday nights I have meetings up in North County. Wednesday has a meeting or two.  In the meantime I need to get the three of us packed.  I picked up the suit cases from the storage unit this morning.  Finally repaired the stroller.  (It had flat back tires). Once I get this blog entry done, I'll head back into organizing arts and crafts supplies.  Three different activities to keep her busy on the train. God help us.

Traveling with Iolani seems to be interesting.  She "travels" easily, loves the train, and most importantly can now use the potty so we don' t have to travel with 50 diapers for a 6 day trip. That first trip to Washington - she was 6 months old - AND it was our honeymoon. I remember that we had the great big suitcase full of baby supplies - formula, diapers, water, canned baby food, toys...the value of that one suitcase was over $400 dollars.  I remember when the porter took it from me at the cruise terminal, I attempted to put the fear of God into him, noting that if anything happened to that one suitcase, our daughter would be without food, milk, clothing, toys for two weeks.  It made it to our room before the rest of our luggage.  I had this feeling it was taken straight from shore directly to our room. (Thank you Norwegian)

When ever I see a posting online about the "I'm traveling for the first time without baby" I always tend to post the important tidbits that don't make sense to include on a packing list.  But,  I'll tell you one additional thing - take your time, but be prompt.  For the cruise, consider the value of getting the suite that comes with a butler.  If you've got the little one, you won't want to go sit in the dining room with a sobbing toddler.  I can tell you from experience, you won't be able to enjoy the food, wine, and your partner.  We would order dinner, put Iolani down for bed and have a great dinner in our suite.

For as much as I love my family - I secretly admit I wish we were going on a 6 day cruise somewhere warm?

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Backpack Phill said...

In no time at all they grow up and you actualy miss the todler stage. I'm now at the moody "I dont want to do that" teanager stage. Oh for a little kid again.