Just an update

It used to be that I'd post on an almost daily basis.  Now, I'm lucky to get a post a month.  This is just craziness.

The Brideau household is totally bonkers.  With all the stuff we do, work, and a socially acceptable two-year-old, I can tell you no two days are the same.  If I could describe our current phase, I would call it Pixar.

It started with Monsters, then Toy Story 2, then Toy Story, then Nemo, Ratatouille , and then Toy Story 3.  As a result, Iolani is obsessed with anything related to these shows.  We've become the one thing we used to mock: addicted to this commercial mess.

I'd describe how did it happen, but like every good mother...I'm just going to sing the praises of my daughter.  Girly can talk.  (and talk and talk and talk) She is gentle with the computers, dvd player, iphones, and much much more. She's warming up to sharing with others.  (Maybe I should wait to really say that until we get through the next round of parent/teacher conferences).

However, my favorite thing about Iolani is her constant upbeat happy-go-lucky "I'm a total rockstar" attitude. But, you know...she is a total rockstar.  She gets that from her dad.  Totally.

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