2010...holy smokes

I used to have all this time to do these year end reviews.  This year I can tell you whizzed by, drama filled, you know...the stuff of movies.  I'm convinced that "The Brideaus" would make an excellent reality show.  Not only could people follow us around to see that 1) Iolani is your typical two-year old, who knows her SBUX drink, 2) Alex would really like to have worm box in the house, but doesn't want to touch the worms, 3) I might have a temper when it comes to photocopies, voicemail, and stupid-ass owners of baseball teams that should remain unnamed.

I don't even remember half of what I did this year.  Actually, I can tell you generally I did the following things:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Coloring/painting pictures with @msiolani
  • Laundry
  • Yo Gabba Gabba
  • Meetings on different rail and bus projects
  • Church
  • Toy Story 1, 2, and 3....over 30 times EACH
  • Learning how playdough works
  • Planning weekend trips we were too tired to go on
  • Writing about those meetings
  • Figured out that I >>really<< like ramen
  • Changing diapers
  • Make dinners
  • Bathing the child
  • Listening to Alex and Iolani talk about what they want to do now, in 5 minutes, 2 days, 3 months, and next year.
I did some dishes too.  Alex and I were fairly successful in having our date nights.  That will continue.  I like our date nights.  I like my husband more, but the date night is a total bonus.

2011 looks like it is just going to get busier and busier. As soon as we know it, the subway will go to west of Western, Light Rail will go all over LA County, and Iolani will want to go far away to college.  And, Alex and I will go on a four or five MONTH cruise.

To sum it all up...holy poopers scoopers...it has been a busy year.  

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