I have good neighbors

You know, when I talk about neighbors - historically it has been bad news.  I mean, Baaaaaaad news.  Like the neighbor who let his dogs play on the roof and they ended up falling down the lightwell at Santee Court.  Or, who really could ever forget Art the Ass.  (I wonder what ever happened to him?!?!?)

But, here I can tell you we have good neighbors.  Two examples:

1) Coming home last weekend, Iolani was konked out in her car seat.  As I got her out of her carseat, I started to get excited about the potential for me to get a nap.  If I could keep her asleep, I could get some sleep too.  As I gently pulled her from her car seat, landed her on my shoulder, and headed towards the elevator.

My big fear was that the elevator doors would open and a group of people would be in the elevator chatting it up.  When that happens, Iolani wakes right up and then....booo!  No nap time for me!

But, last weekend, the elevators door opened up, and three people  were in the elevator.  One was on her cell phone, and the other two were chatting it up.  The moment they saw Iolani was asleep, the woman simply ended her call, and the two others just went silent.  OMG - you have no idea how grateful and appreciative I was that my neighbors could understand that she needed to stay asleep.

And - it was awesome.  She slept until the next day.

2) I was in the laundry room tonight.  We have a washer/dryer in our unit, but when I get behind on laundry - I'll use the laundry room to get caught up.  When I got to the laundry room, two washers were close to the end of their cycles.  I could have simply tossed the wet clothes on to the table and let my neighbor work it out.  But, because I didn't want clothes to back up, I simply put  my neighbor's clothes into the dryer and got that started.  When I came back almost an hour later - my clothes were already in the dryer.  My neighbor had returned the favor of starting my laundry for me. THANK YOU!!!

Now, I know that there will be days of cranky neighbors.  But for this very moment, I feel like I have the kind of neighbor we all wish we had.

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