Love Thy Neighbor

Today is World Communion Sunday, and throughout the whole wide world a bunch of neighbors got together today broke some bread and drank some wine. It was fun.  It was fun to watch Iolani sing her song.

Okay, the cuteness aside, the sermon today got me thinking about things happening in the neighborhood. As many of us know, we are a rather chatty crew.  But, something's got to give.  In one week, the collective "we" have shown the absolute best and worst attributes of being a good neighbor.

In a couple of days we went from lobbing flaming arrows to sitting around in a cyber circle mediating for Ed's safe return.  No doubt about it, we are a very emotional crew.  But, how weird is it that we can be so mean to one another online?  And, even worse, how weird is it that we are essentially putting together a high school slam book, for the whole world to see?

I love reading BlogDowntown and you should too.  Our neighbors need to come out of hiding, come out of the closet, and be who you are.  More importantly, I feel it is time to end the anonymous commenting.  The anonymous postings on BlogDowntown have done nothing to deepen any of the stories.

For those who want to remain private and share their juicy tidbits, it is possible to contact Eric, or any of the BlogDowntown writers to offer tips.  While I can't speak for any of the BlogDowntown writers, I know enough of them and their honest and reputable character to know and trust their discretion.  I mean honestly - I would trust them to babysit Iolani for at least an hour.  ;-)

I want to "love thy neighbor" - I really do.  If only they'd stop hiding behind the "guest #4" nameplate....

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