My computer is updating to the server so I have a moment to think about a very specific email that just came in. The subject line reads: "football and $10 pizza score big"

I mean seriously, WTH. Baseball is still in season. Actually, football in our house was serious business. Dad is a dedicated but on-the-down-low Steelers fan. Mom was the showy Seahawks fan. She had the shirts, the earrings. However, Dad had the remote.

All day Sunday and Monday night I knew where I could find my parents. Dad would be camped out in the lazyboy. Mom would be at the sewing machine. Usually football games meant peace in our house. I was never really interested in the game, but I was always amused by how my parents would react to calls. More importantly, if you needed one of them to intercede between my brother or sister, that was the time to get a quick answer.

The best time to ask the life altering questions is when the football is close to the end zone. And, if I didn't get the answer I was looking for, I would ask why once the game was back from commercials.

I figured out quickly not to ask anything during commercials because it was like the telekinetic hold was released during this time.

I can't but to want to have days like this, but I have a lot of peace already at the house. And, if the Rangers can knock the Yankees out of the game...there would be even MORE peace!

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