4 a.m.

I don't understand. During the week I have to wake her up at 7 ish for school. If I didn't wake her up, maybe she would sleep until 8.

Why is it that she wakes up at 4 ( oh my God it is too early to be up please let me go back to sleep) a.m.?

When she wakes up this early that puts naptime at 10. Church starts at 10. Plus Sunday school starts today at 9. Her not keeping to her schedule leaves us in this lurch.

Who was it that told me kids have a snooze button? Dad?!?!

I have a "when I was a kid" story! When the three of us woke up on Saturday, I distinctly remember keeping ourselves busy without waking up the parents. Like the time I opened up a bag of something with the steal knife? Maybe that story isn't the one to share because I ended up in the ER having slit my hand between my thumb and index finger.

Or, what about the time I was 7 and the three of us headed out the door with car keys.

Or, the time we found the roses make out of frosting that my parents slaves over? Although our tongues were red and dry from all that sugar... We had no idea who ate so many.

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